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Professional fuel cell breathalyzer high accuracy alcohol test road safety equipment for car accessories

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Company Introduction
Chang sha U De Toptech Electronic Technology Co.,Lt is the original manufacturer for alcohol testers and only focus on this kind
of products.
We provide one-stop servic
es from I.D. Rendering to modeling, from computer conceptual design to working samples, from tester
fabrication to production, from component to final packaging. We can help our customer meet specific needs of fast changing market
and the global economic environments. Efficient resource&cooperate team spirit create the highest added value in our products and
services. We promise to satisfy our customers' needs on OEM & ODM projects.
Our factory certified with ISO 9000-2015 and we are committed to bringing the most practical in use and of course the highest in
quality to our customers and end user.

Our Services & Strength

1. Original design and manufacturer
2. Professional R&D Team: experienced in alcohol tester for more than 12 years.
3. Quality: all Lab test equipment are imported from USA to control and ensure the product accurancy during all the production procedure.
4. Delivery: with main important raw materials all the time to provide a fast delivery time.
5. Service: we prodcut one-stop service from OEM/ODM design-productioin-quality test-shipment.
we are the original manuafacturer who can provide you reliable and strenthen after-sales service.


LED digital fuel cell Breathalzyer ACT2000
UK Fuel Cell Sensor
Reference standard
Product Certificate
Response Time
Blowing Time
About 5 seconds (adjustable)
Detection Range
Or 0.000~0.400%BAC
Or 0.000~2.000mg/L
(if ‰BAC and mg/L convection factor is 2.0)
i.e. 0.50‰BAC = 0.050%BAC = 0.250mg/L
0.001% BAC
Sensor Accuracy
±0.005 at 0.050% BAC;±0.008 at 0.080% BAC; >0.080% BAC: ±10%
Breath test monitoring
Breathing interruption detection
20 test records be stored
0.39 inch 4 Digit LED(Red) display
Power input
3 ×1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
Optimal Operating Temperature
Net weight
Packing Accessories
10* mouthpieces /1* user manual /1* gift box