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Factory Smart face recognition system accurate alcohol tester built in temperature detector company attendance system

Product Description
Smart alcohol tester with face recognition and temperature detection
Alcohol test sensor
Europe Fuel Cell Sensor
Blowing type
Non-contact U-shaped blow cup to avoid blowing reflux
8 inch IPS touch screen
Alcohol test range
0mg/l---2.5mg/l(BrAC),0 mg/100mL ~550mg/100mL
Transmission method
TCP/IP, wireless or wired (local area network, wide area network)
External appearance material
Aluminium alloy
Power Supply
Face recognition
HD camera support mask face recognition
Operating system
Linux OS
Body temperature test range
Alcohol test response time
<3 seconds
Built-in bluetooth & WIFI module,support Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and bluetooth 4.0
Startup method
Face recognition
Storage capacity
8GB eMMC(options: 16GB/32GB )
ARM Cortex-A7,1.0GHz
Product height

Smart alcohol tester with face recognition and temperature detection
HD camera support mask face recognition

Data Management Background

Details Images
Non-contact U-shaped blow cup to avoid blowing reflux
Support face recognition and body temperature detection
Appearance material:Aluminium alloy
Product Usage

More flexible application
can embed to any public system/equipment freely:
like Access control system or Attendance system in metro/public bus/airport/logistics company or any public equipment your want.

Widely used in access control system and attendance system in public place, like office building, metro, public bus, airport, logistics company and any other public equipment.

Using a breathalyzer is the safest, most effective way to know your alcohol level and prevent yourself from making bad decisions when drinking. Think about it!

Company Introduction


1. Sampling method, numerical accuracy, and display range refers to GB/T 21254-2017.
2. With a breath monitoring probe module, which monitors the continuity of breathing sampling so that the test results can more accurately reflect the human blood alcohol content (BAC).
3. With three units of measure mg/L,‰BAC,%BAC, which you can easily switch between.
4. Test results can be output in real time or wireless.
5. Face recognition function, prevent cheat in the breath test
6. Capacity touchable screen, more easy operation.
7. Support wireless 4G full Netcom transmission, WiFi connection and wired access.
8. Independent background management software application, view data in real time.
9. Double mode operation: Online or Offline.
10. For Hygienic use, disinfect the blowing detection part seriously while it not in use to avoid across-infection.

Warm tips
1. It takes a certain time for the alcohol in the stomach and intestines to be absorbed into the blood, in order to get a more
accurate alcohol content result in the human blood, please take a breath test at least 20 minutes after drinking.
2. To ensure the test result more closer to human Blood Alcohol Concentration, Please Rinse out your mouth with water or
non-alcoholic drinks before sampling test.
3. Breath test cannot be interrupted before sampling finished successfully, keep continuously blowing at least 3s, otherwise, the alcohol molecules in the blood haven’t diffused completely to the lungs, then there will be a big error between test result and real alcohol content in the blood.

Smart internet-based attendance machine built-in alcohol tester
UK imported big Fuel Cell Sensor
Blowing way
non-contact blowing cup
Starting mode
IC card, ID card or Face recognition
Communication interface
RS232 ( Rx, TX)
Transmission method
TCP/IP, wireless or wired (local area network, wide area

Detection Range
0.00~5.00‰BAC  Or  0.000~0.500%BAC

Or 0.000~2.500mg/L

(if ‰BAC and mg/L convection factor is 2.0)

i.e. 0.50‰BAC = 0.050%BAC = 0.250mg/L
Power Supply
110v~220V 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Face recognition
Using 2 million HD camera
Operating system
Android System
Working current
Response Time
Installation method
Startup method
IC card, ID card or Face recognition
Storage capacity
Data storage options
Cloud, Memory Card
L × W × H: 400 mm *248 mm *50mm