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BAC track breath alcohol tester road safety breathalyzer easy use alcohol detector

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High Resolution digital LCD display
High Sensitivity semiconductor sensor
patented certified Breathalyzer
Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction

ACT518 Breathalyzer used to measure the alcohol concentration in human breath, using high quality semiconductor sensor and calculates the blood alcohol level.
Use area:
Police use: Road police used to investigate drunk driving.
Personal use: take one alcohol tester in the car, and do personal test before drive
  • Description of product use effect

ACT518 using high quality semiconductor sensor, with excellent performance, It can take an accurate test result and give a reliable sugestion before driving.
Ps:Even if get a result meaning"safe range", you should never drive after consuming alcohol or do any other activities that are severely impaired by alcohol consumption and might endanger your health and safety or the health and safety of others.
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1. Original design and manufacturer
2. Professional R&D Team: experienced in alcohol tester for more than 12 years.
3. Quality: all Lab test equipment are imported from USA to control and ensure the product accurancy during all the production procedure.
4. Delivery: with main important raw materials all the time to provide a fast delivery time.
5. Service: we prodcut one-stop service from OEM/ODM design-productioin-quality test-shipment.
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Portable breath Alcohol Tester ACT518
Semiconductor Sensor
Reference standard
Response Time
3-5 seconds
Blowing Time
About 5 seconds (adjustable)

Detection Range
Or 0.000~0.200%BAC
Or 0.000 ~1.000mg/L
(if ‰BAC and mg/L convection factor is 2.0)
i.e. 0.50‰BAC = 0.050%BAC = 0.250mg/L
0.001% BAC
Sensor Accuracy
±0.010 at 0.050% BAC;>0.050% BAC: ±20%
About 1.5 inch LCD(positive)
Power Supply
2 ×1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
Optimal Operating Temperature
Net weight
Packing Accessories
5* mouthpieces /1* user manual /1* gift box