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Type-C rechargeable breathalyzer car alcohol tester popular breath alcohol analyzer

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Widely use range: outdoor party, traffic stops,hangover,bar, party, fleet vehicle, etc...

SensorSemiconductor Sensor
Response Time3-5 seconds
Blowing TimeAbout 5s
Reference StandardEN16280
Detection Range0.00~2.00‰BACOr 0.000~0.200%BACOr 0.000 ~1.000mg/L(if ‰BAC and mg/L convection factor is 2.0)i.e. 0.50‰BAC = 0.050%BAC = 0.250mg/L
Sensitivity0.001% BAC
Sensor Accuracy±0.008 at 0.050% BAC;>0.050% BAC: ±20%
Display1.7 inch LCD
Breath test monitoringBreathing interruption detection
Memory Capacity50 test records be stored
Power SupplyRechargeable polymer lithium battery
Optimal Operating Temperature0°C~50°C
Net Weight105g
Packing Accessories5* mouthpieces /1* user manual /1* gift box