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Smart internet-based attendance machine built-in alcohol tester for factory pre-job safety monitoring system

Non-contact breathalyzer system built-in face recognition and body temperature monitoring based 4G / wireless network


ACT9000Plus is a self-service terminal device based on interconnection. Apply to pre-job management,implement the management system of No drinking before working, ensure the safe production go smoothly and reduce property losses.

Main features

  • Built-in exchangeable alcohol tester module
  • Patented Sterilization function
  • Start up with IC/ID card or face recognition
  • Printer/thermometer/blood pressure/blood oxygen/heart pulse     /ECG functions are optional
  • Different languages can be customized
  • Face recognition function, prevent cheat in the breath test
  • Support wireless 4G full Netcom transmission, WiFi connection  and wired access.
  • Test results can be output in real time or wirelessly
  • Independent background management software application, view data in real time.

Alcohol Test and Management system based on Inter connection

ACT9000Plus is a vertical (ACT9000plus is wall-mounted) alcohol detection system, which integrates alcohol testing, attendance and background remote monitoring and management.

User starts alcohol test through IC card or ID card or or Face recognition. Using HD camera for face recognition while doing alcohol test to prevent impersonation of test.

Full test results data will be transmitted to management center via TCP/IP, wireless or wired (4G)networks to achieve the purpose of remote real-time monitoring.

Smart Android OS, 10.4 inch big touch screen .

Support multi-language customization, Now we have English version, Russian version and Chinese version.

Wall-mounted  or Desktop installation.

Built-in themometer, can test the temperature of the person while taking a breath alcohol test.

Patented Sterilization function, it will start the sterilization function every time before people taking a breath test, it will be more hygienic.

it's really a high-tech useful pre-job attendance system for company use, airport, bus-stop, and any other public use.

SensorUnited Kingdom imported fuel cell type
Blowing methodV-shaped bell mouth non-contact blowing / disposable blowing pipe
Display interface10.4-inch capacitive touch integrated display
Display contentcurrent tester picture, name, job number, alcohol content, etc.
Operating systemAndroid system
Operating languageChinese/English / Russian voice prompts
Startup modeIC card, ID card or Face recognition
Installation methodwall-mounted
Transmission methodTCP/IP, wireless or wired (local area network, wide area network)
Photographing methodTaking pictures:using 2 million HD camera (face recognition)
Working voltage110v~220V 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Working current<1A
Response Time<3S
Optimal Operating Temperature0℃ ~ 50℃
Storage temperature-20°C~70°C
Detection Range0.000 mg/L ~1.5mg/L
Sensor AccuracyC<0.400mg/L,±0.020mg/L; C<0.400mg/L<c<1.000mg/L,±5%;C>1.000mg/L,±20%;
NoteC-alcohol gas concentration
DimensionsL × W × H: 400 mm *248 mm *50mm
Net weight5.8kg

Why need alcohol detection:

Did you drink too much? Can you still drive? Those are frequently asked questions and hard to answer, as the tolerance level and the metabolism vary from person to person. Hence, the device is the perfect buddy for parties, festivals, holidays or other festivities.

What happens to your body in the first hour after you drink?

Below is a short summary of what happens to your body in the hour after you have a drink of alcohol.

First drink: Alcohol is absorbed, not digested, meaning it instantly starts making its way into your bloodstream.

5 minutes: Alcohol reaches your brain and begins to disrupt chemical messages and alter conscious actions such as breathing and temperature regulation.

This is often when heartburn can start as alcohol is a muscle relaxant that sometimes leads to the muscular ring at the bottom of your oesophagus relaxing, allowing stomach acid through.

1  hour: Your body processes one unit of alcohol per hour via your liver - it can’t work any faster than this no matter how much coffee or water you drink.

After one hour, if the alcohol can't be processed yet, it will continue to circular your body until your liver catches up.

What happens next will depend on whether you carry on drinking or not!

Please enjoy responsibly.

Smart internet-based attendance machine built-in alcohol tester
UK imported big Fuel Cell Sensor
Blowing way
non-contact blowing cup
Starting mode
IC card, ID card or Face recognition
Communication interface
RS232 ( Rx, TX)
Transmission method
TCP/IP, wireless or wired (local area network, wide area

Detection Range
0.00~5.00‰BAC  Or  0.000~0.500%BAC

Or 0.000~2.500mg/L

(if ‰BAC and mg/L convection factor is 2.0)

i.e. 0.50‰BAC = 0.050%BAC = 0.250mg/L
Power Supply
110v~220V 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Face recognition
Using 2 million HD camera
Operating system
Android System
Working current
Response Time
Installation method
Startup method
IC card, ID card or Face recognition
Storage capacity
Data storage options
Cloud, Memory Card
L × W × H: 400 mm *248 mm *50mm